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Sadly, SCAMS are a part of life, especially with the internet.  This page deals with SCAMS that are coming to notice locally, and provides details in order to prevent local people being drawn in.


If you have a vulnerable neighbour, don't forget to keep an eye on them and give them much needed advice and support if they are responding to junk mail, being preyed upon by dubious tradesmen doing un-needed repairs to their property or just being taken advantage of.


Circulating in Adur are letters puporting to come from Health Lottery UK.  These have no relevance to the real Health Lottery, who are aware of the SCAM.  Be warned if you receive one, not to contact the numbers given or give any personal details such as Bank Accounts into which supposed winnings are to be transferred.  This matter has already been reported to the Police at national level.  It's the usual thing, if it looks too good to be true, then it most likely is. DON'T BE FOOLED.


The most recent scam seems to be an email from a company unknown to the recipient saying that they owe money, and unless a given suum is paid immeidiately, they will take legal action against them. If you receive such an email, check the internet, because many people have posted such things, and there are commonalities between the emails which show them to be a scam.  If you receive one, then you MUST REPORT IT TO THE POLICE

Councillor    David Simmons

  • Executive Member for Health and Well-Being, and the member for Hillside ward, Adur District Council 
  • Member for Southwick Division West Sussex County Council
  • Senior Advisor for Special Needs Education, West Sussex County Council
  • Appointed Governor for the Sussex NHS Partnership Trust dealing with Mental Health
  • Chair of the School Council at Sir Robert Woodard Academy Sompting
  • Member of Sussex Crimestoppers Board

Councillor David Simmons

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e-mail: david.simmons@adur.gov.uk


Councillor  Angus Dunn

Executive Member for Finance and Deputy Leader at Adur District Council

Councillor Angus Dunn

86, Church Green


BN43 6JU


Tel.: 01273 870067

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