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Sadly it seems that the rhetoric around the 'Referendum' (particularly from some political parties) made some people think that it is acceptable to display their prejudices publically. Hate Crime is sadly one of the regular things that all of us need to deal with. 


No-one should ever have to deal with prejudice and discrimination, whether it is for reasons of religion, sexual preference, cultural heritage or disability.  All agencies have a duty to deal with such matters that come to their attention, especially those protected characteristics contained in the most recent equalities legislation.


That being said, it is disappointing that so many people who experience discriminatory behaviour fail to report it.  Only by doing so, can the true scale of things like racism, xenophobia, homophobia or islamaphobia be understood and addressed. I understand the reasons why people don't report, but I would encourage them to do so as soon as possible in order that any necessary action can be undertaken.


I am pleased to report that an app is now available on two mobile phone platforms, apple and android, which allows the user to report such matters either as a victim or as a witness at any time of day or day of the week.  The reports in Sussex go to both Sussex Police and Victims Support, who then forward them on to the most appropriate organisation to deal with that specific incident, as well as to those who can support the victim. The app will forward it to the police area closest to where the persn is reporting from and link to the closest Victims Support organisation as well. The following video gives more details.........

For more information and to download the app for either apple or android formats, please put either of the following addresses into your browser,


IPhone https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/self-evident/id571644999
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.witnessconfident.app 


......or press the button below.  Sadly other phone formats are not supported at this stage:..........

Councillor    David Simmons

  • Executive Member for Health and Well-Being, and the member for Hillside ward, Adur District Council 
  • Member for Southwick Division West Sussex County Council
  • Senior Advisor for Special Needs Education, West Sussex County Council
  • Appointed Governor for the Sussex NHS Partnership Trust dealing with Mental Health
  • Chair of the School Council at Sir Robert Woodard Academy Sompting
  • Member of Sussex Crimestoppers Board

Councillor David Simmons

42 Greenways Crescent


BN43 6HS


Tel: 01273 464018 (home)

Mobile: 0772 505 4389

e-mail: david.simmons@adur.gov.uk


Councillor  Angus Dunn

Executive Member for Finance and Deputy Leader at Adur District Council

Councillor Angus Dunn

86, Church Green


BN43 6JU


Tel.: 01273 870067

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