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Funded through the Adur District Council community grants, Guild Care and our Financial Inclusion Partnership launched a fuel poverty programme in the South Southwick area.  This area was been chosen as we believed there to be a predominance of older people there, often living alone, who suffer from the costs of utilities.  Our worked alongside West Sussex Fire and Rescue to give advice and support to help reduce the costs associated with heating your home and keeping safe. It was a sad fact that the take up was extremely small, despite the fact that support was offered door to door throughout the area identified. However, those that did respond received advice from the fire and rescue  service in addition to the Council and other bodies.


Public Health has now been made the responsibility of the County Council, but services are delivered locally at District Council level by a health and well-being hub. This sits under the portfolio of Councillor David Simmons who takes a live and active interest in positive interactions with other services, medical and otherwise for the benefit of the wider community.


Not only does the council commission services across Adur and Worthing, but staff also engage with local businesses and offer health m.o.t.s at no charge to staff.  If you would like to participate in your business, please contact Janice Hoyle, the Health and Well-Being Manager at Adur and Worthing Councils 01273 263000 (and ask).


Adur Council also has a published Health and Well-Being plan which is available on the council web-site.  Adur Council is also a Mental Health Champion Council, and is seeking to improve services to people who suffer from mental health issues.


Councillor David Simmons is Mental Health Champion (see the section on mental health), and he has recently undertaken training in respect of dementia to increase his understanding of this crippling problem.


He is also an appointed Governor on the Sussex Foundation NHS Partnership Trust dealing with mental health issues, and has had a meeting with the Chief Executive to examine the following issues:

  • Mental health and young people (linking to the government green paper on mental health and young people)
  • Self harming and links to mental health (access to CAMHS for needy and vulnerale children)
  • Sufficiency of counselling for young people
  • Investment of funds further 'upstream' to reduce future demand for critical care


The local Health and Well-Being Partnership is made up of representatives from many different services.  This includes MIND, representing mental health issues, housing, two general Practitioners from Adur and Worthing respectively as well as Councillors and senior Council staff.


Current issues discussed today included work to tackle the following issues:

  • Mental Health
  • Carer support (see carers support under services above)
  • Loneliness among older people
  • Advocacy services for patients
  • Excess winter deaths in Adur district.

Programmes to tackle some of these areas have been developed and others will be developed in future in an attempt to reduce the demand on medical services by providing support in the community. Socialprescribing is one of those, where medical services refer people to well-being initiatives which provide alternatives to other forms of treatment. These are already showing success as more GP practices come on board across the district.


Councillor    David Simmons

  • Executive Member for Health and Well-Being, and the member for Hillside ward, Adur District Council 
  • Member for Southwick Division West Sussex County Council
  • Senior Advisor for Special Needs Education, West Sussex County Council
  • Appointed Governor for the Sussex NHS Partnership Trust dealing with Mental Health
  • Chair of the School Council at Sir Robert Woodard Academy Sompting
  • Member of Sussex Crimestoppers Board

Councillor David Simmons

42 Greenways Crescent


BN43 6HS


Tel: 01273 464018 (home)

Mobile: 0772 505 4389

e-mail: david.simmons@adur.gov.uk


Councillor  Angus Dunn

Executive Member for Finance and Deputy Leader at Adur District Council

Councillor Angus Dunn

86, Church Green


BN43 6JU


Tel.: 01273 870067

Mobile: 07760 486552



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